KAAN-AM / KAAN-FM / KKWK / KMRN RADIO provides advertisers with many options to reach consumers in the multi-county region that we cover! With the recent $250,000 invested in technical upgrades, our radio stations’ coverage areas increased by 30%. Our digital quality FM Signals are now heard from southern Iowa to Kansas City and from eastern Kansas to Brookfield. The new community web portal, with its ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORY with Printable Coupons, classified section, national news, sports, business, and entertainment sections updated constantly, to local and regional news and weather, plus many other services along with our ever growing LOYAL LISTENER CLUB, offers advertisers unique ways to communicate with consumers. Page views have already exceeded 1 million since we started our web presence in 2007. Thanks for supporting our area advertisers the way you do!

REGIONAL RADIO – INTERNET RADIO was launched in the fall of 2005 for the expressed purpose of covering high school sports for schools that did not have radio broadcasts. The response in the first 4 seasons has been great with over 25,000 “listens” to games…including a service man overseas that “heard my daughter play in her first high school basketball game” and an oilman working in Alaska that said “hope you’re going to have Appleton City Football back on the net this season so I can hear my son play”!

OVER 130 YEARS COMBINED EXPERIENCE AT REGIONAL RADIO! NOT YOUR TYPICAL SMALL MARKET RADIO OPERATION! Our sales and marketing professionals receive consistent training in areas of copy writing, market effectiveness, campaign planning, event marketing, coordinating live remote events, combining radio and the Internet, researching business categories and more. Our staff continues to self improve with outside training programs from the Missouri Broadcasters Association, The Radio Advertising Bureau, and executives from our company. Several of our sales and marketing professionals have achieved the (RMP) Radio Marketing Professional Certification, the (CRMC) Certified Radio Marketing Consultant, and the General Manager of the stations is one of only 40 (CRME) Certified Radio Marketing Experts in the entire country.
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