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AG Holder wants to look at something else in Ferguson
Those whose had been hoping for a grand jury indictment in the Michael Brown case now pin their hopes on the Department of Justice. Attorney General Eric Holder’s department is running two investigations. One looking into civil rights issues connected to the killing of Michael Brown Junior. The other looks at operations of the Ferguson […]
Darren Wilson talks about Michael Brown shooting to ABC
Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson has given his first media interview since he fatally shot Michael Brown nearly four months ago. In the exclusive interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Wilson talked about what happened after, he said, he asked Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson to move out of the middle of Canfield Drive, […]
Brown family, Sharpton, hope for better results from feds (AUDIO)_
The attorney for the Michael Brown family says the family is hoping a United States Justice Department investigation produces the indictment they couldn’t get in St. Louis County. And civil rights activist Al Sharpton has told an audience in Ferguson that the federal investigation might bring better results than the county grand jury because “It […]
Another game, another blowout in Maui. Slow start dooms Tigers who fall to Purdue for second straight loss in Hawaii
Rapheal Davis scored 22 points and Purdue pulled away from Missouri in the first half for an 82-61 win over the Tigers, this afternoon in the second game of the Maui Invitational. The Tigers deficit climbed to 34 points in the second half.  Johnathan Williams III had 14 points and Keith Shamburger added 11 for Missouri. Missouri missed seven of […]
Could the reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Week have trouble with Arkansas’ big line (Google Hangout)
Markus Golden was named the Southeastern Conference’s Defensive Player of the Week.  The task for him and the rest of his linemates for the Missouri Tigers will be breaking through Arkansas’ big offensive line. How big are these boys up front for the Hogs?  They’re the biggest in the game including the NFL.  However, our guest […]