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HAMAS PURGE: Terror group executes 18 alleged Israel informants in Gaza
HAMAS OPERATIVES EXECUTE 11 suspected Israel Defense Forces informants by firing squad, and masked gunmen kill 7 more near a Gaza City mosque, pictured left, as violence escalates following the collapse of Egyptian-brokered cease-fire talks.
  • Israel, Palestinians trade fire for third day since truce stalled
  • Case lays bare debate over paying ransom
  • VIDEO: Hamas leader admits group kidnapped Israeli teens
  • VIDEO: Israel-Gaza peace talks fall short amid turmoil
  • VIDEO: 140 rockets fired from Gaza since truce collapsed
  • HOWARD KURTZ Even the media are baffled by Obama's isolation
  • VIDEO: Bolton on Obama golf after ISIS video
  • Ryan says he'd love to see Romney run for president again
  • VIDEO: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on ISIS threat
  • US MUST 'GET READY' Hagel says ISIS beyond anything 'we've ever seen'
  • Hagel defends disclosure of secret failed raid to free hostages in Syria
  • ISIS' thirst for oil could lead to 'global catastrophe,' experts say
  • Case lays bare debate over paying ransom
  • Criminal investigation launched into Foley's execution
  • VIDEO: Obama's options
  • DR. ABLOW: Inside the mind of Foley's ISIS executioner
  • VIDEO: US steps up air strikes
  • CHARITY CALAMITY Firefighters hurt after ALS ice challenge goes awry
  • Catholic diocese discourages ice bucket challenge
  • OPINION: Beyond the ice bucket challenge — what's really shocking about ALS
  • VIDEO: Celebs helping the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?
  • VIDEO: Jesse Watters ALS 'ice bucket challenge'
  • VIDEO: George W. Bush accepts ice bucket challenge
  • 'I NEEDED TO GO' West Point grad, US Army vet killed fighting for Ukraine
  • Russian aid convoy drives into Ukraine
  • Fierce battles in eastern Ukraine leave at least 5 government troops dead
  • Hunt for couple who posted selfies after burglary
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