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BYPASSING THE FEDS Some states take Ebola precautions into own hands
CONVICT BLACKJACK 'Cold Case' playing cards could help crack cases
AIRDROP ERROR? ISIS claims intercept of US weapons to Kurds
Canadian police search for more shooters after attack on Parliament leaves soldier and gunman dead
'DECEPTIVE' MAILER? Ga. Dems slammed for flier linking Ferguson to election
Blackwater guards found guilty in Iraq shootings
Nebraska trucker returns bull mastiff to Arizona
Murdered Mass. teacher's family speaks out
NYC man arraigned in beating death of 3-year-old
N. Korean detainee has reunion with family in Ohio - Pyongyang tries charm offensive against ICC referral - South Korea dismantles border Christmas tree - VIDEO: Detained American released
Palestinian driver kills baby at Jerusalem train station
Illinois voting machines change GOP votes to Dem - White House botches Dem candidate's identity again - Warren travels to NH with goal of defeating Brown - DSCC going back on air for Grimes - Full Coverage: Midterm elections
Device allows users to charge cellphones with blood
Social Security benefits to go up by 1.7 percent
Pennsylvania fire kills 200 nonvenomous snakes
Probe reveals scope of academic fraud at UNC
Mexican group finds evidence of massacre, cover-up
Companies try to escape ObamaCare penalties
US policy shifts from killing ISIS to Kobani rescue - Syrian says it destroyed jets test flown by ISIS - Authorities probe why 3 girls possibly tried join ISIS
At least 2 killed in Houston hospital shooting
Miami airport concourse closed after fake bomb threat
Dumped woman spends week in KFC to get over ex
Vermont man guilty of luring, killing teacher
Famed Texas oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt dead at 88
Government investigation finds Secret Service use in employee's personal dispute 'problematic'
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British man faked coma for 2 years to avoid court
Coburn report details worst examples of gov't waste
Pa. schools reopen after Eric Frein sightings - VIDEO: Will Frein survive in woods?
Woman sets boyfriend on fire after night of drinking
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