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Ending the Crisis

Dear Friend,

Gas and diesel fuel prices just hit another record high. Instead of tackling this crisis head-on, the Biden Administration just canceled two huge oil and gas leases.

This all comes after the President claimed he was resuming oil and gas leases in response to the crisis. In reality, a court forced him to do that. Now, it seems like he’s doing everything in his power to break that promise to the American people.

It’s outrageous. American families are struggling to afford the gas they need to get to work. American farmers are struggling to afford the diesel fuel they need to get crops in the ground. The entire American economy is on the brink because of this crisis manufactured by the President’s Green New Deal policies.

Now is not the time for the President to appease radical environmentalists. He must stand up for all Americans—and we’re taking a beating right now.

It’s time to end these ridiculous mandates, rules, regulations, and bureaucratic hurdles that are obstructing American energy production. It’s time for the President to keep his word and support American-made biofuels instead of selling farmers out. It’s time for him to start putting the American people first, not his political agenda.

Until that happens, this fuel crisis isn’t going to end. Things will only get worse. We already have a supply chain crisis, a crisis at the border, an inflation crisis, and now a baby formula crisis. None of that is going to get fixed until the President starts living up to his promises to stand up for all Americans.

Frankly, I never thought I’d see the day when I was longing for $3 gas and $4 diesel, but here we are. It’s time for the President, and those advising him, to get over appeasing a few radicals and actually do what’s right for the country.


Sam Graves

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