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Graves Responds to Bidens’ State of the Union Address

Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06)

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, Congressman Sam Graves (MO-06)highlighted the many struggles real Americans are dealing with every day in President Biden’s America.

“The difference between what we’re feeling in North Missouri and what the President says we’re feeling is stark,” Rep. Sam Graves said. “The supply chain crisis, coupled with out-of-control inflation, is driving prices through the roof and making it more difficult for families, farmers, and small business owners to succeed. This crisis isn’t going to end until President Biden stops passing the buck and starts living up to his promises.”

Ahead of the President’s Address, Congressman Graves chose to highlight the experiences of 3rd generation North Missouri farmers Addie and Joshlin Yoder of Shelby County, Missouri. Joshlin and Addie raise cattle, corn, and soybeans on family farm with their four children. You can watch their story below:

Yoder youtube video



Hi, I’m Addie Yoder and this is my husband, Joshlin.  We raise corn and soybeans and have a crop insurance business in Northeast Missouri. We also raise four kids and are very excited about farming. We are third generation farmers and raising the fourth. This year more than any other has had a lot of challenges.

With inflation driving up the prices of fertilizer, chemicals, and other inputs we use here on the farm, on top of the supply chain issues making the availability of those products very difficult, this is going to be a very challenging year for us to successfully grow our crops. With the President failing to hold China to the trade agreement that we made in the phase one deal, as well as not continuing to negotiate further trade agreements, we do have a lot of concern.

With all the President’s broken promises regarding RFS and ethanol, it’s hard to feel secure in our future as far as our farm and the markets we have established and could grow now. Between these uncertain commitments and all of the continuing discussion about potential tax changes for inheritances, it makes us really nervous about how we’re going to continue to farm and whether or not were going to be able to pass this on to our kids. 

Congressman Graves recently joined 59 other Republicans in writing a letter to President Biden urging immediate action to hold China accountable for violating the terms of the Phase One trade deal President Trump negotiated with China.

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