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November 11, 2019

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Dear Friend,

Today is Veteran’s Day.

It is on this day that we pause to honor the service, sacrifice, and unwavering courage of America’s veterans who have served our Nation in times of war and peace.

Veterans Day originally was established after World War I as Armistice Day, later changed by President Eisenhower to honor all who have served. One of the things I’ve been proud to work on this year on behalf of our veterans is the World War I Valor Medals Review Act. I believe that every veteran who served honorably and whose actions warrant the Medal of Honor should be recognized regardless of their background or the color of their skin. This bill would require the Department of Defense to review the military records of minority service members of the Armed Forces during World War I to determine if they should be awarded the Medal of Honor.

The Valor Medals Review is being conducted by the Park University’s George S. Robb Centre for the Study of the Great War and the Valor Medals Review Task Force. I’m incredibly proud of this effort and look forward to its eventual completion.

If you or a veteran you know ever needs assistance with service medals or records, the Veterans Administration, or need help with any other federal agency—please do not hesitate to contact my office at (816) 792-3976.

As we join in giving thanks to our Nation’s veterans today, we should strive to remember, honor, and thank these selfless heroes each and every day. Lastly, to the more than 50,000 veterans who call North Missouri home: thank you for your service, sacrifice, and courage.


Sam Graves