Protecting the 2nd Amendment

Dear Friend,

The right to keep and bear arms is one of our most sacred, God-given rights. It’s so foundational to our republic, that our founding fathers sought to protect it in the second amendment to our Constitution. Despite this, the Left has been looking for every avenue to chip away at this right, and many others for that matter, for years.

Look no further than the endless rules, executive orders, and laws that they’ve rammed through to erode our 2nd Amendment rights. Each little chip adds up, and before you know it, your rights are gone.

Criminalizing law-abiding citizens for possessing certain weapons or accessories is one of the most egregious ways they’ve attacked our rights. We’ve already seen several states criminalize owners of certain firearms. Unfortunately, we’re also seeing it on the federal level.

The Division of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) recently implemented a new rule to criminalize stabilizing braces for pistols. These devices were invented to help combat-disabled veterans use large-format pistols for target shooting, self-defense, and hunting. And now, the Biden Administration wants to reverse years of legal precedent—and regulations issued by the Obama Administration—to turn law-abiding gun owners with these accessories into criminals overnight.

This isn’t just an attack on the disabled veterans and others who use these pistol-stabilizing braces, but all gun owners. This isn’t going to stop with banning firearm accessories they don’t like, they want to ban firearms. They’ll do everything they can to chip away at our rights piece by piece until they get their way.

That’s why I voted to overturn the Biden Administration’s rule banning pistol braces this week. We can’t continue to allow our Constitutional rights to be trampled. We have to take a stand and defend our rights—because if we give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. And if we don’t have a second amendment to protect our right to keep and bear arms—we’ll have nothing left to defend our other rights.


Sam Graves