Representative J. Eggleston (R-Maysville)

When I was growing up on the farm, we had no air conditioning, limited heat, and the only new vehicle we ever owned was a Gleaner M2 combine.  So I understand firsthand the struggles of Missouri’s farmers. Every year is a battle for survival, with farming families at the mercy of the weather, markets, and national politics. These past few years have brought additional difficulties few could have imagined, from droughts and flooding to a global pandemic, and now a supply chain crisis the likes of which we have never seen. With all of these challenges pressing on the farm families of our state, now is not the time to add to their burdens by raising property taxes on farmland.

Every two years the State Tax Commission evaluates whether to raise property taxes on farmland, and makes a recommendation to the Missouri legislature, which the legislature can accept or reject.  Any proposed tax increase must be weighed against the increasing costs on farmers at a time when prices for equipment, supplies, and labor are higher than ever. Farmers are getting hit by the same skyrocketing inflation that is affecting us all, as shown by the Fertilizer Price Index, which is at an all-time high.

On top of these concerns, the Biden Administration and his bureaucrats at the EPA are considering changing the regulations on pesticides and herbicides, which would throw the 2022 growing season into further disarray. Farmers’ plans for the growing season will be jeopardized if the EPA goes through with their proposed changes, and there could be a decrease in crop yields as well because farmers will have to find alternative methods of handling weeds and other pests.

Finally, our economy is facing a tight labor shortage, affecting America’s ability to manufacture and move goods. This supply chain crisis means it is more difficult than ever for farmers and ranchers to get the seed, feed, and equipment they need while also trying to deliver their crops and livestock to market. With our own federal government burdening Missouri farmers through its policies, the State Tax Commission should not add to their woes.

Considering the soaring costs our farmers are facing, it would be unwise to further burden our farmers and their families by raising taxes on farmland during these extraordinary times. A tax increase is a chief concern of agriculture groups from around the state who represent the interests of our farmers. The State Tax Commission should recommend a zero tax increase for farmers this year. If it does not, the Missouri legislature will have an opportunity to weigh in during the upcoming session, and I bet most members of the Missouri House will oppose such an increase. I know I will.

Until next time, health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family, and have a very, merry Christmas.

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Rep VanSchoiack and I help Andrew County Sheriff Department at their Holidays With A Hero benefit





Court Ruling Puts Stop to Mask Mandates

A ruling made by a Cole County Circuit Judge has effectively put a stop to mask mandates and quarantine orders around the state. The judge ruled in Robinson v. Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services that several health department regulations are null and void. As a result, the Missouri Attorney General is notifying public health agencies and school districts about the ruling that requires them to stop enforcing mask mandates.

Attorney General Schmitt said, “I sent a letter to public health agencies and school districts across the state informing them of the decision and demanding they rescind and cease enforcement and publicizing of public health orders, mask mandates, quarantine orders, or other orders that were declared null and void by the recent decision.” Schmitt added that his office will enforce the court’s order across the state.

The letters sent by Attorney General Schmitt argue that health orders, mask mandates, quarantine orders, or similar orders issued under previous statutes that were declared unconstitutional by the Robinson judgment are null and void and should not be enforced or publicized by the issuing agencies.

The letter to health authorities can be found here:

The letter to public school districts can be found here:

Missouri Continues to See Strong Revenue Growth

Missouri continues to receive good news regarding its economic growth. The state budget director announced this week that the state saw a 19 percent increase in revenue in November. For November 2021, the state collected $965.5 million in general revenue compared to 2020 when the state collected $811.1 million.

Gov. Parson reacted to the news by stating, “Thanks to our balanced approach to COVID-19, Missouri’s economy continues to come back strong!”

Despite the uptick in revenue collections for November, the state remains slightly behind the pace it had for the previous fiscal year. In total, the collections for the year are down 0.7 percent compared to the same point last year. By November of 2020 the state had pulled in $4.53 billion. This year to date the state has collected $4.5 billion.

The slight lag in revenue collections compared to the previous year is due to the state pushing back the tax filing deadlines in 2020. The later filing period inflated the revenue totals for July and August of 2020 compared to those same months in 2021 because most Missourians had already paid their taxes at the normal deadline in April. The result is the state is slightly behind its revenue growth for the previous year, but still showing very healthy growth that will provide adequate funding for the state operating budget.

Missouri Health Department Warns Citizens of Text Message Scam

Missourians should be on the lookout for a new text messaging scam. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) the new scam targets citizens and their personal information.

The text message, which has come from 1-704-525-9772, requests that citizens visit a website to enter their social security number, name and date of birth, and upload photos of their Driver License to “validate” their “one-time Covid-19 Vaccine verification.” In an attempt to legitimize the site, logos of DHSS and the Missouri Department of Revenue’s myDMV portal appear along the top.

DHSS has worked with the Office of Administration’s Information Technology Services Division to take all actions at the state’s disposal to report the site to the proper authorities, although the site is hosted and maintained externally.

DHSS will never ask for a citizen’s SSN over email or text message and only provides vaccination verification and records upon request. DHSS encourages citizens to protect their personal information online no matter the source.

If a citizen submitted their information through this website, DHSS recommends starting with the following steps to protect themselves:

  • Contact your financial institutions to notify them of the privacy breach
  • Contact the Social Security Administration to report an exposed SSN
  • Contact credit reporting services to alert them your information was disclosed.


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