The WOTUS Fight Continues

Dear Friend,

We’ve talked at length about the perils of WOTUS. You should know them by now. President Biden’s “waters of the US” rule is going to place much of your land under the purview of the federal government under the guise of “clean water.” However, this isn’t actually about clean water. Every little possible dry puddle shouldn’t be subject to the authority of the federal government. It’s bad for farmers, builders, and landowners. That’s the bottom line.

I introduced a resolution to repeal it using the Congressional Review Act. It’s one way that Congress can rein in onerous rules and regulations put forward by the President and his bureaucrats. We’ve already used it this Congress and I wasn’t shy about using it to get rid of WOTUS. In fact, it’s what I promised to do.

This rule affects everybody so it’s no surprise that my resolution passed the House with support from Republicans and Democrats. That was the first step. The Senate took it up and passed it as well with bipartisan support. It’s bad policy and it needs to go for good.

With passage in both the House and the Senate, I joined Speaker Kevin McCarthy and many of my colleagues to sign the legislation and send it to the President.

Sadly, President Biden ignored the clear message we sent and vetoed our resolution. The next step is to override his veto. We already had bipartisan support for the resolution. Now, we just need more of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to recognize the pain that these kinds of costly, overreaching policies are inflicting on Americans across the country. We are also awaiting a decision on WOTUS from the Supreme Court. I’ve already signed a brief telling them it’s got to go.

Either way, our message is clear. The Biden WOTUS rule needs to go. North Missourians are demanding it and they deserve to see it happen.


Sam Graves