Traveling North Missouri

Dear Friend,

It’s been a busy month as I’ve been all over North Missouri breaking ground on some new projects, visiting with folks about future plans and taking a look at some projects that have just been completed. There are a lot of things happening and I couldn’t be more excited to see the continued growth.

UMKC School of Medicine – St. Joseph


I was thrilled to help break ground on the new UMKC School of Medicine expansion in St. Joseph. Rural doctors are in short supply and filling that gap requires rural training. UMKC’s partnership with Mosaic Life Care will go a long way towards solving the rural physician shortage.

Visits with Community Leaders



Every community has a long list of exciting projects they are working on or hope to get started. It was great to visit with folks in Macon, Moberly, Brookfield and Cameron and discuss how we can continue to partner in the future to get these projects completed.



There is a new large distribution center for FedEx in Brookfield. They are covering a lot of ground from the center in North Central Missouri and we’re lucky to have them there.

Ray County Fiber Expansion


It’s always a good day to expand broadband service and Ray County desperately needs it. Thanks to a great collaboration between Ray County Memorial Hospital, the school district, the city and county, rural broadband is taking a giant leap forward. It was great to cut the ribbon on the project and visit with everyone involved in getting this off the ground.

Liberty Hospital


Liberty Hospital is an important provider in the Liberty area and for many of our rural communities. I enjoyed visiting with their team and touring the hospital.

Albaugh – St. Joseph


Albaugh in St. Joseph is a major manufacturer of crop protection products. They are in the process of expanding the facility to increase their production capabilities. Another win for North Missouri!

MFA – Gower

MFA in Gower continues to do exactly what we need them to do—get propane to our homes and farms. It was great to see the technology they are using to deliver and talk with their team about the needs of the industry to ensure that American energy needs are met.

It’s always good to see folks across the district. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but great things are happening. It’s always a thrill to hear and see it first hand and it’s an honor to represent North Missouri.


Sam Graves