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You’re Going to Pay for It

Dear Friend,

Rising prices are absolutely out of control. The New York Times is already projecting this will be the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner in American history. The supply chain crisis is sending the price of everything through the roof. We haven’t seen gas prices this high since Barack Obama was President.

That’s bad news for American families. Despite what the White House claims, these aren’t “high-class” problems. They’re working-class problems. Americans that work for a living are worried if they can afford gas to go see Grandma for the holidays. They’re worried if they’re going to have to cut back because their grocery bill has exploded. They’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Instead of working to tackle these real-world problems for middle-class America, this Administration is dead set on making them worse. They want to ram through massive tax increases and huge mandatory spending programs that will fuel more inflation and rising prices. They’re living in fantasyland.

They say they’re just going to make corporations pay their fair share, but here’s the truth about their corporate income taxes—corporations don’t pay taxes, people do. When a corporation gets hit with a new tax bill, who do you think is going to have to pay it?

I think the answer is pretty obvious. Working Americans bear the brunt of these tax increases through higher prices. Don’t fall for all the fancy accounting tricks and empty promises, we’re all going to get stuck with the bill for the President’s spending spree.

We’re going to pay for it through increased gas prices. We’re going to pay for it through increased grocery prices. The cost of living is going to go through the roof while American’s paychecks stay stagnant. None of us are going to be getting a bill in the mail for this socialist spending spree, but you better believe we’re going to be the ones paying it.

They’re going to hide the real costs from us because they can’t pay for all the spending they want by taxing the rich. It simply isn’t possible, so they’re trying to hide the real costs from us.  Don’t let them pull the wool over our eyes.

This massive socialist tax and spending plan needs to be stopped. If not, we’re going to pay the price.


Sam Graves

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