BBB Study on Government Imposter Scams

A 14-page study released today by the Better Business Bureau involving government imposter scams shows that over the last six years citizens have lost more than $450-million to scammers.  In some of the most recent cases, the scammer or con artist claims to be from the IRS or Social Security. 

Stephanie Garland with the Better Business Bureau….. 

Garland said the scammers are using scare tactics to get your money…

According to the study, people ages 20 to 59 were more likely to lose money to these scams than those 60 years or older, but older victims were more likely to lose larger amounts of money. 

Everyone is reminded when you get a phone call from anyone claiming to be from the IRS, Medicare, or Social Security; someone wanting to give you a government grant, or they say that they are with a law enforcement agency and want you to pay them money over the phone or buy gift cards, don’t give them any information and hang up.