96% Of King City Students To Begin School Year In-Person

King City School Board members approved their tax levy for the year during a meeting held on Monday night.

King City’s tax levy was set at $4.64 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation. That figure will include $4.03 in the Incidental Fund and another $0.51 in Debt Service. The levy is projected to amount to a little over $2.1 million in local revenue.

King City’s board set their tuition at $12,076. Superintendent Danny Johnson also announced to board members that he has applied for CARES Act money from DeKalb and Gentry County. The school district has not received any notice regarding a decision about those applications.

The superintendent shared a letter from the school’s bus service. Jarnick has requested the school district pay 50 percent of the amount of the school’s contract with the company in the event that school is cancelled.

King City will have 96 percent of their students attend for in-person classes to begin the fall school year.

King City’s next school board meeting in September 16th.