About 98% of MO Public Schools Offering Some Sort of Onsite Learning

Missouri currently has 27 districts or charter schools offering remote learning only – the lowest figure on record during the coronavirus pandemic. That makes up about 67,000 students. During a House Budget Committee hearing, State Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven (van-DEE-ven) says in-seat learning is crucial.

“Currently, 98% of districts and just over half of our charter schools are offering some sort of onsite learning opportunity. Even in those schools with some onsite options, some parents have chosen to keep their children at home using an online option for the year,” says Vandeven.

The Education Department’s records show over the Thanksgiving holiday time, 142 Missouri districts and charter schools offered online learning only – the most on record during the pandemic. The figure accounts for about 285,000 students or a third of them.