Ag Expo Center Selling Land

The Buchanan County land that was to house the Ag Expo Center will instead become a new business park.

In July, the Ag Expo Center leadership announced a change in direction and now comes a second major change with developer and entrepreneur Steven Craig. According to a release from the Ag Expo Center, in late July Craig entered into an agreement to buy the site to develop a business park.

In that release Gerald Sprong, President and Executive Director, of Ag Expo Center said “Ag Expo has always said if a developer came along that would bring great benefit to the community the Board of Directors would consider a change of location and/or venues. Mr. Craig’s purchase meets that test. The park will be a tremendous asset for the community, and will extend the economic impact Ag Expo has already brought.”

Steps are underway to continue the Ag Expo Center as a venue for educational opportunities, leadership for area youth and agriculture at a new location.