AG Joins Coalition Against New ATF Rule

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced this week that his office has joined a coalition of 20 other states filing suit against the ATF for its new rule criminalizing private gun sales. 

In a statement, Bailey said, “When out-of-touch D.C. elites target Missourians’ Second Amendment Rights, I will always take action to protect those liberties.” 

He continued, saying “As a gun owner myself, I will use every legal tool at my disposal to fight government overreach.”

According to Bailey’s office, the ATF’s new rule requires citizens to have a federal firearms dealer license before selling a firearm for “profit.” 

Under that rule, profit can reportedly be defined as cash, another firearm, or service received. 

The coalition argues that the rule is unconstitutional because it violates the Second Amendment and circumvents congressional authority. 

Bailey and the other Attorneys General have asked the Court to postpone the rule and declare that it violates the Second Amendment.