AG Leads Coalition Against Title IX “Rewrite”

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced Tuesday that he will co-lead a multi-state coalition filing suit against what he calls an “unconstitutional rewrite” of Title IX that would allow “biological males” in “female spaces.”

Bailey’s office filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, reportedly on behalf of six other state AGs and an Arkansas high school athlete.

In a statement, Bailey said, “Joe Biden is once again exceeding his constitutional authority, this time to put a radical transgender ideology ahead of the safety of women and girls.” 

He continued, saying: “As the father of a young daughter, I take this personally.” 

The Attorney General’s office alleges that the Department of Education’s new regulatory requirements “force” educational programs to accept what he calls a “radical transgender ideology” in order to receive federal funds. 

Bailey’s coalition claims that the Biden administration’s rewrite of Title IX is unconstitutional because it circumvents congressional authority. 

The group also asserts that the new rule denies women and girls “crucial rights enshrined in federal law” in order to accommodate “biological males.” 

The Attorneys General of Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota have joined Bailey, asking that the court grant a preliminary injunction to halt the new rule’s implementation.

Ultimately, the coalition has asked the court to enter a judgment that the Department of Education’s interpretation of the rule is unlawful and vacate the rule.