All Iowans to be Eligible for COVID Shot by April 5th if Supply Rises

Governor Kim Reynolds says projections indicate there will soon be a “significant” increase in the amount of Covid vaccine the federal government ships to Iowa.

“Today, I’m announcing that all Iowans will be eligible for vaccinations starting Monday, April 5th, as long as the vaccine allocation increases as we’ve been told and as we are expecting.” There are two-point-one MILLION adults in Iowa — and more than 413-thousand of them are fully vaccinated today according to the state website tracking how many shots of the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines have been given.

“If we’re able to ramp up in a the manner we’re projecting — and we’re ready to go — it’ll be good news for Iowans,” Reynolds told reporters today. The governor says mass vaccination clinics are proving very worthwhile in Iowa as hundreds of people are getting the shots every hour at the events.

“Iowans have demonstrated our ability to work together and ensure vaccine is administered efficiently and responsibly,” Reynolds says. “I’m confident that we’re prepared to open up even more.” Reynolds says a computer glitch that prevented Iowans who are administering COVID shots from registering that information in a statewide database has been fixed. Iowa and several other states were affected by the hardware problem that popped up on Tuesday.