All Signs Point to an Excellent Pheasant Hunting Season Ahead

(Radio Iowa) Iowa hunters will be searching the countryside for pheasants starting next weekend. Nate Carr, a DNR conservation officer in Hamilton and Hardin counties, says all factors point to a good season ahead.

“Coming off some of our August roadside surveys, this year we’re expecting a very similar outcome to last year,” Carr says. “Last year, we had a good number of hunters participating, about 63,000, killing an estimated 370,000 birds, which is the highest we’ve seen in probably the past 10 years.” Carr offers a few reminders for Iowa’s pheasant hunters, be they new to the sport or seasoned veterans.

“Of course, you need your hunting license and habitat fee,” Carr says. “Shooting hours start at 8 AM and end at 4:30 PM, a little bit earlier than some of your typical hunting seasons, so remember to shut that off at 4:30. The daily limit is going to be three pheasants.” A hunter’s attire is also important, not only to keep them warm but to keep them safe.

“Hunters are required to wear at least one article of external clothing that has at least 50% of solid blaze orange,” Carr says. “Whether it’s a hat, vest, jacket, something along those lines, make sure at least 50% is solid blaze orange so that other hunters can see you.” Another rule for hunters is to make sure you get permission from property owners to go on private land. The season runs October 29th through January 10th. Learn more at

(Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)