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Alleged Assault Results in Three People Injured and One Arrested

The Livingston County sheriff’s office has made details of an alleged assault Monday night available.

According to law enforcement, at about 6:07 P.M. Monday multiple 9-1-1 calls were received requesting officers and medical response to the 12000 block of Livingston County Road 216. According to the Sheriff’s Office a male suspect, now known to be 34-year-old Daniel Joseph Smith, was at the residence but was prohibited from being there by an active court issued Ex-Parte Protection Order.

The protected individual’s parent and step-parent reportedly went to the home to search for Smith. Law enforcement says at least one individual was armed with a baseball bat when they confronted Smith in the basement of the home.

The Livingston County Sheriff says what happened at that point is still under investigation. What is known is that three people requested medial treatment for injuries from the incident.

Smith was arrested for two counts of alleged violation of a full order of protection-adult and transferred to the Daviess DeKalb Regional Jail to await bond.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing with the potential of additional charge(s) to follow against one or more people.



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