Andrew Bailey, 7 Other AGs File Motion

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey and seven other AGs filed a motion to ban alleged Texas robo-caller John Caldwell Spiller II from engaging in all telephone-related services after an alleged violation of robocall and telemarketing bans.

In a statement, Bailey said, “As Attorney General, [he] will enforce the laws as written, which includes holding those accountable who blast Missourians with unwanted phone calls.”

In March of last year, Bailey’s office obtained judgments halting a large robocall operation involving Spiller and others.

As a result, Spiller was barred from making such calls or engaging in telemarketing.

Bailey’s coalition of Attorneys General alleges that despite that judgment, Spiller continued to make robocalls and help others to do so.

The AGs have asked the Court to ban Spiller from making phone calls over the U.S. telephone network and order that he pay the more than $120 million sum that would have been suspended had he followed the rules of the permanent injunction.