Andrew County Sheriff Stops Stolen Vehicle Running From Police

A multi-jurisdiction chase of a stolen vehicle ended in Andrew County after the Sheriff used the P.I.T. technique to bring the chase to a conclusion.

According to a release from the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office at about 8 A.M. Tuesday morning their officers joined a pursuit of a stolen vehicle by St. Joseph Police and the Missouri State highway Patrol.

The suspect vehicle had already fled Highway Patrol troopers, then when located by St. Joseph Police officers again fled but this time struck a St. Joe P.D. vehicle as it made its escape. The suspect was spotted a short time later near a school and had reportedly tried to steal another vehicle from a private citizen.

The suspect vehicle was once again spotted and pursued into Andrew County, where Sheriff’s deputies joined the pursuit. One deputy tried the P.I.T., or precision immobilization technique, maneuver but was unsuccessful. Sheriff Grant Gillett then tried the same maneuver and was able to bring the pursuit to an end and the suspect was taken into custody.

Sheriff Gillett said the decision to use the P.I.T. maneuver was made due to the high speeds of the chase combined with high traffic on the roads heading to work and school and a desire to not allow the pursuit to enter the city limits of Savannah.

No information on the suspect’s identity has yet been released.