Andrew County Vehicle Break-Ins Led to Chases and Arrests

A series of vehicle break-ins in the Savannah area early Wednesday led to a pair of car chases and at least two suspects being taken into custody.

According to Information relaxed by the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office, in the early morning hours of Wednesday January 13 several vehicles in the Savannah and surrounding areas of Andrew County were broken into. One suspect vehicle was chased by Savannah Police into Country Club, Missouri before the vehicle crashed and a suspect was taken into custody.

A second chase was initiated by the Andrew County Sheriff’s Office, this one down Interstate 229 to the 7.2 mile-marker where spike-strips were deployed and the suspect vehicle crashed. Another suspect was taken into custody at that scene.

According to the release narcotics and a stolen firearm were recovered during the investigation.

Law Enforcement is now collecting information on the cases and will be requesting criminal charges through the Andrew County Prosecutors Office.

Savannah Police Department, St. Joseph Police Department, and the Buchanan County Sheriffs Office assisted in the pursuits and investigation.