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Area Projects Included In 5-Year State’s Year Transportation Plan

The Missouri Department of Transportation approved the 5-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Thursday.

Projects included in the plan are scheduled for now and June 30th, 2026.

The STIP includes several major resurfacing project for the Northwest Region of the state. 22 miles of pavement resurfacing is planned for Caldwell County is planned on U.S. 36 Highway in Caldwell County from the DeKalb County line to Hamilton and in DeKalb County from Route AC to Route 31. Another 17 miles of resurfacing is planned on 36 Highway in Livingston County.

Pavement resurfacing is planned for Interstate 35 over 15 miles in Daviess County from Route 69 to the Clinton County line.

11 miles of pavement resurfacing is included on Highway 13 in Caldwell County from Route H to Ray County.

U.S. 69 pavement resurfacing is planned over nearly 10 miles from Route C to I-35.

There will be pavement preservation treatment over 35 miles in Grundy County from Route 65 to Route 5 south of Milan.

Pavement resurfacing is also planned in Andrew county on Route 71 from south of Route B to north of Route 48 on U.S. 71 Highway.

Bridge rehabilitation is scheduled for Harrison County on I-35 over Pole Creek South of Bethany and on Route A over I-35 near Ridgeway, over Grantham Creek in Gentry County near Ravenwood, over Route Z over Sampson Creek in Daviess County, over Sandy Creek on Route D and at Little Muddy Creek on Route M near Mercer in Mercer County, at U.S. 65 Highway over Route 6 at Trenton in Grundy County, and at Mozingo Creek east of Maryville and Long Branch Creek near Ravenwood, both on 136 in Nodaway County, and at the Nodaway River near Skidmore on 46 in Nodaway County.

The STIP also includes the cost share responsibility for road and bridge improvements around the proposed East Locust Creek Reservoir. The STIP has budgeted $20.5 million in construction costs for the 2021-22 year.

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