Barbie is Tops for Halloween at Central Iowa Costume Shop

(Radio Iowa) One of this past summer’s biggest movies is proving to be equally big business for Halloween costumes in Iowa. Juanita Cameron, at the Theatrical Shop in West Des Moines, says blonde wigs and pink outfits are top sellers this October.

“The first item is Barbie with her companion, Ken,” Cameron says. “Full outfits, cowboy, she has a white hat and he has the shirt with the fringe, and they’re rockin’ it this Halloween.” The dolls will be marking their 65th anniversary next March, and so far, the “Barbie” movie has grossed more than one-point-four billion dollars at the box office. Cameron says other characters from the big screen are continuing to be popular for Halloween costumes.

“People are falling back on the horror thing, Pennywise, Michael Myers and also, Jason, he’s in there, too,” Cameron says, “but they also like that Spiderverse, so the new Spiderman, and also the Ninja Turtles.” Instead of buying costumes off the rack, Cameron says some shoppers are getting quite creative this season.

“People are coming in and they’re kind of doing their own thing and makeup,” Cameron says. “They’re making up as characters in their past. Someone actually wanted to be Lucy, when she was eating all the chocolate in the chocolate factory. People are kind of falling back on those type of things.” Cameron is referring to Lucille Ball and an “I Love Lucy” episode that first aired in 1952.
(Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)