A California judge has reduced damages awarded to a groundskeeper who blames a popular herbicide for his terminal illness, but Bayer still wants the verdict thrown out. The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Bayer is still unsatisfied with the appellate court decision to uphold a jury’s finding that the Creve Coeur company’s Roundup caused 44-year-old Dewayne Johnson to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However, the court said that California law did not allow additional damages because of shortened life expectancy and reduced the judgement to 20-point-five million dollars. The jury two years ago had awarded nearly 290 million to Johnson. Bayer says they are considering an appeal to the California Supreme Court, saying that the scientific evidence is in support of glyphosate being safe for use and that the ruling remains inconsistent with law. The lawsuit is separate from Bayer’s 11-billion dollar settlement last month with thousands of other cases concerning its herbicides.