Bee Keepers Buzzing For New License Plate

A new “Bee Friendly” license plate may be available soon in the Show-Me State.

The Missouri State Beekeepers Association is looking to help promote awareness, and support, of declining bee populations by introducing a new “Bee Friendly” license plate.

The MSBA is hoping to get approval for the new license plate from the General Assembly to begin production and distribution of the license plates to residents in the state. To get the plate approved by the Missouri Legislature, the MSBA needs at least 200 people to show interest in purchasing the license plate.

According to the MSBA, bees play a crucial role in pollination, a process necessary for the growth of many of the foods we eat. However, the bee population has been declining in recent years due to factors like pesticide use and habitat loss. The “Bee Friendly” license plate is designed to raise awareness of the importance of bees and encourage the planting of pollinator-friendly gardens.

Those interested in supporting the “Bee Friendly” license plate can visit the MSBA website to sign up. The MSBA is also encouraging residents to contact their local representatives and urge them to support the legislation.