Bethany Council Approved UTV For Fire Department

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved the expenditure for a UTV for the Bethany Fire Department during their meeting Monday night. Bethany Fire Chief Jacob Denum told council members that 25 percent of fire calls are grass, or natural cover, fires. The Bethany Fire Department would have had a potential use for a UTV side-by-side in 34 percent of the calls. The purchase will be made from Chariton, Iowa. The money for the UTV will come from the funds collected from Fire Memberships. Bethany’s Fire Membership program collects fees from those outside the city who pay the fee for fire protection yearly. The cost for the fully outfitted UTV will be about $41,000. The council approved the purchase on a 3-1 vote. Councilman Butch Osmon voted against the action to purchase the UTV. Council members also approved the cost of 3 sets of bunker gear for the fire department. The department tries to change out some bunker gear annually.

The council approved a plan to keep customers from placing cash in an envelope in the city’s overnight drop box. A sign has been placed stating that it is unacceptable to place cash in the overnight drop box. Cash will continue to be accepted at the front desk or through the window at city hall between 8am and 5pm when a clerk is present. After June 1st, cash deposited in the overnight box will result in a $25 surcharge on the next utility bill of that customer.

City Administrator Jacob Taylor announced that Herzog Construction will likely begin their street paving work in early May.

Mayor Lance Johns says a request has been made to provide better lighting on the bridge on Route W as a safety measure.

Council members approved correcting an overcharge for a water bill for the Missouri Department of Transportation barn.

Council members approved a bank bid to the BTC Bank for the next year.