Bethany Council Approves City Fire Ordinance

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved the ordinance which establishes the fire regulations for city residents during a meeting held Monday night.

Ordinance 1374 prohibits the open burning of solid waste at all times. No burning is allowed generating from a business, trade, industry, or any demolition project. There will be conditional open burning allowed by residents for yard waste, such as leaves and vegetation. No more than four dwelling units will be allowed to supply yard waste or vegetation for burning on one premises. All fires will be required to be monitored from a point on the property where the fire is located. Fires will not be allowed within 15 feet of a building or structure. A permit will be required prior to burning tree trunks, limbs, and vegetation for land clearing and/or yard waste piles greater than 36 square feet or greater than 3 feet in height. The permits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The permits will be issued under the authority of the Bethany Fire Chief. No yard waste may be burned when a burn ban is imposed by the City of Bethany or the State of Missouri. The penalty for violation could include a fine and/or jail time.

Later in the meeting, Fire Chief Jacob Denum went over the options which could be considered in the event that the Bethany Fire Department would allowed to be called out as a “stand-by” for fires. If approved, the option would be available for residents within the Bethany Fire District when they schedule a controlled burn, but want a fire department presence at the site during the burn. The New Hampton Fire Department provides that service. Chief Denum went over the costs which would be charged for the service and other conditions. Council members did not take a vote on the option. They will likely take up the idea for consideration at a future meeting.