Bethany Council Approves IT Upgrade And Website Development Bids

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved bids for an Information Technology upgrade for Bethany’s city administration and office during a meeting held on Monday night.

The presentation made before the council about the Incode program noted that the new system would take away the city’s responsibility to house and maintain a server and would make it part of a web-based program that would include technical support and disaster recovery. The presentation also noted that the system would be well-suited for customers to make utility payments through the internet.

Bethany City Council members also approved a bid for website development from Cave Consulting. That bid includes a one-time cost of $4,600 and then a yearly fee of $850. City administrator Jacob Taylor says the funds for the website cost will come from Economic Development funds.

City Council Members made decisions about internal audit responses. The city does plan on continuing paying potential holiday bonuses that had been noted unconstitutional on an internal audit but not mentioned in a state audit. The council also agreed to pay off interfund loans.

The city plans to sent out Requests For Proposals to four companies that build charging stations. Those sealed bids would be due by September 4th.

The council did not take any action toward putting a Use Tax Proposal on the November ballot. The city has until August 25th to have a ballot measure into the Harrison County Clerk’s Office.