Bethany Council Approves Missouri Main Street Program Participation

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved the resolution that is required to join the Missouri Main Street Connect Program. The resolution was approved on Monday night. The matter had been previously discussed. Green Hills Regional Planning will initially be covering a $12,600 cost to allow the city to participate. The city would only need to renew a $150 annual fee to be part of the program. The city could then have access to workshops and conference discounts. There could also be some grant opportunities available for the program. If the city feels the program is continuing to provide benefit, they city could continue their participation.

Council members approved an ordinance that takes away a $3 Sheriff’s Retirement Fund fee that had previously been part of municipal court costs. The Supreme Court recently decided that the fee could not attached as a fee to municipal court costs.

Preparations have started to widen and straighten Bartlett Street. The west end of the street will be widened to 24 feet. The first curve will be straightened heading east. The second curve going eastbound will also be widened several feet. Trees are being cut, and tubes are being placed for the project this week and next week.