Bethany Council Approves New EV Charging Station Site Agreement

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved the site agreement for the new proposed site of an EV Charging Station that will receive funding support from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The action was part of a meeting held on Monday night. A preliminary meeting had been held at the proposed site located north of Dairy Queen on 39th Street. The initial lease term will be 5 years. The City of Bethany would be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the EV Chargers that be owned by the city until the end of the agreement. The Department of Natural Resources must still give their final approval for the project to go forward.

Bethany’s council approved an On-Call Engineering agreement with the Howe Company. The city previously discussed an arrangement that will allow the city to contract with an engineering firm so that Requests for Quotes will not have to be sent out for every project. The arrangement would save the city about 4 weeks of time toward a project’s completion.

There were other bids approved with Nail Excavating for boring work. A bid from Ellis Lawn was approved for a mower. Bids were deferred for materials for a loft for the new electric and gas department building. The costs for materials were approved for an awning for the property.

The city does plan to have a representative for the Bethany Chamber of Commerce for a fall festival that is planned on September 25th.

The city also agreed to allow an ad to be sent out seeking interest for an additional employee for the city’s electrical department. That employee would need to be willing to sign a contract for the position that would include participation in the city’s lineman apprenticeship program.

Councilman Randy Mann suggested the city begin a regular inspection program for the city’s heavy equipment. That will now be done quarterly.

A Liquor License for 39th Street Liquor LLC was approved with a 3-1 vote. Butch Osmon was the “no” vote for the action.

Hannah Thompson was approved for the Board of Adjustment, Kathy Conger and Becky Turley for the Library Board, and Angela Ragan for the Planning and Zoning Board.