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Bethany Council Approves New Utility Rates

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved the 2022 Utility Rates that had been discussed as part of the budget sessions during their first meeting of the new calendar year on Monday evening.

The rate changes include decreases for electric rates and trash pickup. The electric rates will be decreased by 5 percent. The resident rate will be just under 27 cents per KWH for the first 35 KWH and 20 cents per unit of service for the next 65 KWH. Any service over 100 KHW will cost 10 cents per KWH. Commercial service will be 28 cents per unit for the first 50 KWH, 16 cents for the next 250 KWH, 14 cents for the next 700 KWH, and 12 cents for the next 1,000 KWH. Any service above 2,000 KWH will cost 10 cents per unit of service.

Trash pickup will now cost $10.60 per month for residential customers. Seniors will have a charge of $8.46.

Gas and Water rates will be increased. The Gas Rate will be increased by 10 percent. The Water increase will average 5 percent. Sewer rates will remain as the same percentage of the water bill.

Service will be disconnected if the bill is not paid by the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Bethany’s Council also approved an updated bid for transformers from Midwest Electric Transformer Services. The change is necessary due to the lead time change that delayed the transformers to be delivered to the city. The 6 single phase transformers are fully rebuilt with 3-year warranties. The original cost for the previous transformers was $82,500. The transformers approved Monday will cost just over $79,500.

Council members approved a property transfer for Jace Holcomb located on the corner of East Main and North 22nd Street. He has plans to open a barbershop at that location.

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