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Bethany Council Approves Road Maintenance Swap Agreement With Bethany Township

Bethany City Administrator Jacob Taylor announced what the city’s portion of a $42 million dollar cost that the city’s power pool will need to pay to its power distributor that came as a result of the artic cold snap in February to Bethany’s Board of Aldermen Monday night. The City of Bethany, and many regional municipalities, belong to MoPEP. MoPEP owes $42 million dollars for obtaining power to service needs for the historic February cold spell. The City of Bethany will be responsible for $359,628 dollars of that bill. The city was presented the option to either pay the cost in installments over 24 months or pay a lump sum. The city council voted to pay the lump sum that can easily be absorbed by the city’s reserve balance. They would then, in turn, save on interest payments.

Council members also approved a Road Maintenance Swap Agreement with the Bethany Township regarding the maintenance of the Daily Road extension and Crestview Road. Under the arrangement, the city will handle the maintenance of the Daily Road extension. Crestview Road will become a maintenance responsibility for Bethany Township. There will be no change in the road ownerships of either road, only the maintenance responsibilities.

Administrator Taylor announced that Herzog Construction will begin the milling work for the 2021 city street overlay project this week. The plans are to complete the project this month. The council did approve a couple additions for the 2021 project. Street overlay work for 6th street and South Street have been added to the 2021 project. Those additions will create a project cost of nearly $313,000. The amount budgeted for the work was $315,000.

Council members approved an ordinance that will allow the city or a contractor of the city to remove or cut a tree that interferes with power lines. Tree branches can be cut if they are within 20 feet of electric infrastructure. It will also be against the ordinance to plant a new tree under or within 10 feet of existing power poles.

Mid-August is the completion date announced to the city for the EV Charging Station.

Council members approved an incentive of $10 per hour for city employees that respond to a fire call. Those employees would also receive their regular wage as a city employee.


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