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Bethany Council Approves Substandard Housing Ordinance

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved the budget for the 2022 Fiscal Year during a meeting held Monday night. In the budget message, City Administrator Jacob Taylor announced that the budget year will include a 7th phase of the city’s Street Improvement Project. The streets selected for the project were determined during the budget process. The projected expenditures for the fiscal year will be $1.27 million dollars for the fund. The estimated ending cash balance for the end of 2022 will be $913,000 for the fund under the approved budget. The budget includes work for street lights for the Interstate 35 and Highway 136 intersection and overpass. The fiscal year will also include the development of the Israel land

Bethany’s council also approved an ordinance intended to deal with substandard housing. The ordinance specifically lays out the requirements for non-owner occupied dwellings. With the ordinance, tenants will need make authorities aware of of the non-owner occupied dwellings that do not meet the minimum requirements of the city and state. The ordinance calls for a fine of up to $500 for the violation of the ordinance. There could also be jail time associated with any violation.

With a 3-1 vote, Bethany’s council approved bids for mounts for onboard computers in police vehicles. The idea behind the expenditure is limit the face to face interactions with individuals being stopped. Bids for transport cages for patrol vehicles were also approved. Funding for those expenditures will be obtained through American Rescue Plan Federal Funding.

Bethany’s council approved a contract with UCI for substance testing and an agreement with Green Touch to renew the city’s yearly spraying contract.

City officials approved a charge-off of $21,633 in delinquent utility accounts.

A Sunday Sales Liquor License was approved for Prairie Star Petroleum LLC. They will do business as Bethany Shell.

The drawing for the Shop Local 2021 event will be held on January 7th at the Bethany Chamber of Commerce Office.

To this point, Terry “Butch” Osmon is the only candidate to file for Bethany’s East Ward Alderman seat. Ron Osmon is a candidate for the city’s West Ward seat. The filing deadline will be December 28th.

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