Bethany Council Consider Sponsor Role In NRCS Watershed Project

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen received information on the feasibility report being investigated by the Natural Resource Conservation Service for a Watershed Flood Prevention Operations program project during their first May meeting on Monday night. The intent of the watershed project would be to provide protections for businesses and homeowners in the vicinity of Bethany from floods by constructing the remaining structures left from a previously authorized Watershed Plan for the West Fork of Big Creek. Representative Rex McAiliey told council members that the NRCS would provide 100 percent of the funding for design and construction of the remainder of the project. There are roughly 140 structures left to build from the previously authorized plan. At Monday’s meeting, Bethany’s Board of Aldermen agreed to consider being one of several sponsor authorities needed for the project to take place. The city agreed to consider serving as a sponsor in assisting the locally led planning effort, obtaining needed land rights, and obtaining required permits and approvals. The Harrison County Commission and water districts within the watershed region will also contacted for their interest in the sponsoring process by the NRCS. At this point, the city has only agreed to give consideration to the tasks for the watershed program. The project includes Daviess, Harrison, Decatur, and Ringgold Counties.

Bethany’s council reviewed the Year End Reports for the Electric and Gas Departments. City Treasurer Amber Sanders says the city met a goal in spending down the Electric Department surplus fund balance by $400 thousand. The Gas Department has accumulated a surplus to finance a major project coming in 2025. She told council members that rates do not need adjustment at this time. City Administrator Jacob Taylor says an adjustment to lower sewer rates may be considered in June when the fund balances are reviewed again. That consideration could include a separate rate for commercial customers.

Bethany’s council may consider a firm ordinance which deals with dog bite protocols in the near future. At the current time, a dog bite of any kind requires the dog to be quarantined 10 days by the city even if the dog is not deemed dangerous by the Bethany Police Department. The city would like to allow the quarantine time of a dog not deemed dangerous to take place at the owner’s home. If the dog is deemed dangerous, the city would take the dog to a city facility until the dog is not deemed dangerous or a court appearance has been made on the part of the owner. The ordinance will first need to be drafted and then approved by the council at a future date.

The fountain at Allen has been installed and water will placed in the basin on April 30th. Some touch up painting will be done as weather permits.

The Bethany Memorial Park and ballfields will have cameras installed with wifi throughout the park. The Bethany pool has a tentative opening of May 28th.

The Bethany City Wide Garage Sale will be June 8th. The Vaccination Clinic at Bethany City Hall will be held on June 6th.