Bethany Council Has Interest In Hosting WWI Museum Exhibit

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen told Bethany City Administrator Jacob Taylor that they would have interest in helping to bring a World War I museum to the city as a stop in a tour that is made for the exhibit. The discussion was part of a Bethany City Council meeting on Monday night. There is a cost of $1,500 associated with bringing the museum to Bethany. A contract will be made with the tour organizers. A formal vote on a contract is likely at the council’s next meeting later this month.

A discussion about that potential exhibit led to a further discussion led by Bethany Mayor Lance Johns about a wish that he has to help Bethany’s downtown area create more visibility. He brought up an idea to regularly hold an event on a Friday or Saturday night each month from May through September. The mayor brought up an idea of a Bike Night that could include vendors and entertainment. An event such as the World War I museum could also be incorporated in such an event. The goal of the events would be to get more visibility for downtown Bethany, particularly with resources pledged to Bethany Downtown Development, Inc. for providing a facelift for the buildings and businesses downtown. This May could be a little too soon to organize such an event, but there did seem support from the council for the idea and its goal for the effort during this summer and fall.

The Harrison Council Council on Aging is the first to receive a check with ARPA funding for their sidewalk repairs.

A bid has been sent out to three companies for a Fireworks company for a Fireworks show. The council should be able to make a decision at their May 16th meeting.

The Bethany city council approved the first application for the city’s Sidewalk Program. With that program, eligible participants are reimbursed for half of their total cost of sidewalk construction or upgrades if they follow the city’s guidelines. Information is available at Bethany City Hall.

Bethany’s council approved Blue Cross Blue Shield as the city’s Health Insurance Carrier. The city will experience an 8.4 percent increase.