Bethany Council Moves Forward With Plans To Move Depot To Israel Property

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen gave their approval Monday night to a plan for moving the Train Depot from its current location to the Israel property that has been purchased by the city and sits adjacent to Babe Adams field on the north side of Bethany’s main park complex. During the council meeting, Mayor Lance Johns says while there has been some input against spending the money to move the Depot, the overwhelming majority of residents that have given him input have been supportive of the move. The final plans for the move and the final location of the Depot still have to be determined, but Mayor Johns did suggest that placing the location at the top of the hill of the property makes the most sense. He also says he has received an offer from an individual to provide railroad memorabilia for the building. The city will now plans to take bids for the concrete pad to be constructed as the foundation for the Depot and the cost to move the structure. The use of the Depot will also be determined before any move is made.

The council discussed Bethany City Administrator Jacob Taylor’s proposal using the 1930 old West Main Bridge as a low water crossing for the Israel Property. Harrison County is taking the bridge down on the west side of the city limits. The bid for the demolition of the bridge is scheduled for Wednesday. Administrator Taylor mentioned that the Land Development Committee has already approved a plan that includes a bridge at the low water crossing location. No decision has been officially made on the matter at this time.

At the recommendation of the city administrator, Bethany’s council agreed to participate in the Missouri Main Street Connect program for two years. Green Hills Regional Planning will cover a $12,600 cost that allows the city to participate. Taylor suggested that the city could apply for the program and receive services of the program for two years and contribute the $150 annual renewal for the program. He says for that minimal cost, the city would have access to Missouri Main Street resources that would include workshop and conference discounts and potentially be available for grant opportunities.

Bethany’s council approved the purchase of a 2022 Ford F 150 Police Responder for the Police Department. It is being ordered with the hope that the city could obtain it by January 2022.

The city will be receiving a health insurance refund from Blue Cross Blue Shield because of a positive balance in the city’s claims fund.

Amber Hoyle also reviewed the audit report of the city.

The city also approved a request by Larry Burton for long term recreational vehicle parking on Brush Street near the 10th street bridge. The council approved the plan contingent on a final needed signature being obtain to comply with the current ordinance.