Bethany Council Reviews Health Insurance Costs During Reorganizational Session

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen received information regarding the health insurance coverage cost of city employees during their session on Monday night.

In the information provided by City Administrator Jake Taylor, the city is anticipating an 8.4 to 9.2 percentage increase in coverage if the health coverage stays with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The coverage would be 5 percent if the coverage would change to CIGNA, who was a previous insurance carrier for the city. Administrator Taylor stated that the information will be presented before the council at their May 2nd meeting for a decision.

The program requirements were presented before council members for the City of Bethany’s Sidewalk Expansion/Improvement Program. The city would reimburse one half of the cost of materials and labor under the program. City Hall must be notified of a request to participate in the program. The city’s funding will be in the form of a reimbursement for materials and labor. At least two bids must be sought by participants. The projects will also be approved individually by the full council.

The city has received all the trash cans that will be distributed for city residents interested in purchasing the receptacles. About 60 of the 100 trash cans have been committed to residents at this point. A connector for the wheels of the receptacles was not included in the delivery. The city hopes that the receptacles will be ready for distribution by the end of the week.

The Bethany City Pool is still on target for a May 27th opening at this point. Council members did question if enough life guards will be available for a full pool season. More information will likely come from the meeting of the Bethany Parks and Recreation Department this week. Allen Fountain is scheduled to be running by May 2nd.

Bethany’s Council also reviewed the bid that will be presented for the city’s plan for a fireworks show. The city is hoping that show can be performed on the Saturday of the July 4th weekend. That would be Saturday, July 2nd.

The meeting was a reorganizational meeting for the council.  Ron and Terry Osmon received oaths of office.  Randy Mann was voted as the President of the Board of Aldermen.  Neita Schroff was appointed as City Clerk.