Bethany Council Seeking RFP For Moving Train Depot

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen held a brief discussion on moving the Bethany Train Depot during a meeting held on Monday night. There has been no firm decision that has been made on the matter. During Monday’s meeting, Alderman Randy Mann says about half of the people who have expressed to him an opinion on the matter think the move is a good idea, the other half would prefer the Bethany Train Depot to stay at its current site. The City of Bethany is requesting bids to relocate the depot to get an idea if the depot is even in a condition to be moved, how the depot would be moved, and the cost of such a move. A move is being considered so that it may be displayed more prominently. A move has been discussed for the depot to be placed at the Bethany Memorial Park site and potentially used as a concession stand facility. Further discussion will likely be made on the matter after the Requests For Proposals are received.

The Bethany Library Board presented a Phase II Reopening Plan before the council. That phase could open the library with restrictions on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am until noon and 1 until 5:30pm where there are no new cases of COVID-19 in the county for quarantine period of 14 days. There would be a limit of 10 patrons at a time. Masks would be requested. Computers would be cleaned after each use. The reopening plan had been requested by the council.

City Administrator Jacob Taylor announced that the Allen Fountain project is near completion, but additional coats of paint will be to be applied after the fountain is drained and sits for about 2 weeks. That statue that is part of the fountain will be repainted this winter or spring.

The city council may also consider providing the financing for a public defender for municipal court defendants. The city is attempting to obtain more enforcement capability for defendants that are habitual defenders who are taking advantage of a law that now prohibits municipal courts from assessing jail time for the failure to pay fines. If the city would provide indigent defendants an attorney, the city could request jail time as a penalty.