Bethany Council Updated On Pool Season Preparation And Park Facilities Upgrades

Bethany Parks and Recreation Board President Patrick Miller updated Bethany’s Board of Aldermen about the Bethany City Pool Season preparation, the work being done on the Bethany’s parks’ facilities, and the Bethany Community Gym upgrades during a meeting held Monday night.

Mr. Miller reported that 18 lifeguards have been hired at this point. One pool manager has been hired. New pool pumps will be installed with the old pumps to be sent away to be refurbished. A May 27th pool opening is still planned. At least 2 free pool days will be part of the pool season.

Ball field updates include red clay additions to the summer ball fields. The department plans to regularly fertilize in the outfield areas to create a thicker grass population. He also publicly thanked the civic groups that helped with a park clean up activity held earlier in the spring. He also discussed some drainage plans to redirect water. There are also plans being made to cover all ballfield dugout areas and the pitching machine area.

The park has been pledged $100,000 in ARPA funds for the establishment of a hard surface trail surrounding Memorial Park, work on the tennis court at Bethany Memorial Park, the creation of 2 new pickle ball courts, and other building upgrades for Bethany’s Community Gym.

The floor at the Bethany Community Gym will be refinished when the roof is repaired. There has been a retexture of the lobby and new paint. The new paint work at the gymnasium area will be similar to that of the South Harrison High School Gymnasium. There are also plans to add lighting to the gymnasium and repair of walls for the facility. Eventually, plans include tuckpointing the outside brick of the structure.