Bethany Depot Moving Date Set Back To December 6th

Bethany City Administrator Jacob Taylor announced to Bethany’s Board of Aldermen Monday night that the move of the Bethany Depot has been delayed until December 6th. The move is being made while the Bethany Depot structure receives work to allow the structure to be moved without falling apart. The building has received some substantial termite damage. The building is being lifted this week while the work is being done. The move is now scheduled for December 6th at 9am.

The city will be looking into a grant opportunity which could provide funding for historical buildings and community buildings. The T-Mobile Grant is offered quarterly. Bethany’s grant application submission will be made in early 2024.

The council approved the Dog Pound Contract for services at the Animal Control Facility. The agreement provides a fee to Larry Hunt for services at $1,700 per month.

Council members have executed the Transportation Alternative Program documents for the 2025 “School to the Pool” sidewalk project. That project be engineered in 2024. The construction work will likely take place in 2025.

The council formally adopted the Volunteer Program guidelines which will be expected for all volunteers throughout various departments.

Jeff Arp with MIRMA also formally announced $3,375 will be provided to the Bethany Police Department through MIRMA’s Risk Grant Program. The money will be used for a dash-mounted camera.

Bethany’s Christmas Lighting and Christmas Parade will be held December 2nd at the Park.