Bethany Depot Relocation Receives New Attention

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen began another discussion regarding the relocation of the Bethany Depot to the Israel land tract located north of the Babe Adams Ball Park and across from the South Harrison High School during a meeting held Monday night. Brian Carter, representing the Bethany Chamber of Commerce, also attended the meeting and explained the potential Chamber’s interest in the move at the session. The city had explored the action previously, and asked for public input on the matter, but then tabled the item based on the collective public input they received. The consideration is being made again because the Bethany Chamber would like to explore the location as the site of the Chamber office and community room. Mr. Carter stated that the site may be a better Chamber office location to drive traffic to the rest of Bethany over than current site located downtown. The Bethany Chamber also plans to solicit for donations to aid in the cost to move the depot. Previously, the cost to move the Bethany Depot to the location was estimated at $25,000. An estimate to pour a concrete base and provide a modest parking area was between $90,000 and $115,000.

Council members also discussed budgeting for a potential utility rate good-faith measure for residential electric customers to counter a vote made in mid-October which immediately raised gas rates for city customers by 10 percent. The council will allow the city to at least prepare a budget which would select a month in the spring which would potentially waive the electric bill for residential customers for the spring month selected. City Administrator Jake Taylor provided an example to council members and stated that the action would have cost the city about $100,000 if enacted in April of this past year. That figure is about 2.8 percent of the city reserve fund. The action would still require a vote of the council at a later time. Council members merely allowed the plan to be budgeted for the upcoming year with their approval Monday night.

Bethany will hold a Christmas Decorating Contest again this year. All City of Bethany citizens are eligible other than city employees. The contest will include decorations of the exterior or homes or apartments. Citizens must contact City Hall by December 9th to be eligible or to nominate a home or apartment. Judging will take place December 12th through the 16th. First place will have $500 dollars taken off their January utility bill and/or subsequent bills. Second place will include a $250 rebate. Third place will be $100. You can nominate your own home in the competition.