Bethany Plans To Send Notices To Businesses To Pay 2020 Business Licenses

Bethany City Administrator Jacob Taylor told council members Monday night that the city will be sending out notices to several businesses that have failed to pay for their 2020 business licenses. Taylor told council members that businesses that receive a notice will be required to pay for their 2020 licenses within 10 days. If not paid, tickets will be sent out citing those businesses for operating a business without a license, and a court date will be given. The 2020 business licenses were due on January 1st.

Bethany’s Library Board has received a letter of resignation for Janee’ Leleitner as director for the library. She stated that she would stay on to train the new director and work during December with a a state report due at that time regarding CARES Act funding.

Council members approved two appointments from Mayor Jonee Slemmons. Jason Long will be the new park board members who will replace Fred Lindsey. Bill Leleitner was appointed to the Planning and Zoning board retroactive to Marcy.