Bethany To Submit Second Sidewalk Grant Following A Second Call By MoDOT

The City of Bethany will submit another grant to the Missouri Department of Transportation for a second Transportation Alternatives Program project. The action came during their meeting on Monday night. MoDOT put out a second call for projects last week for a second set of TAP grants. The city has already received approval for a TAPS grant for a sidewalk project for Oakland Avenue. That project will be completed in the spring of 2024. The city application for a second TAPS project would construct a sidewalk from the South Harrison High School campus to the Bethany Aquatic Center. The TAPS grant would fund 80 percent of the project. If approved, that project would be undertaken in the fall of 2024. The deadline for the TAPS grant project is August 21st. The city will be notified if they are successful in obtaining the grant by November 1st.

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen reviewed a draft ordinance for the operation of off-road vehicles within the city at the meeting. The council discussed the lighting, licensing, and permit requirements which would be included in the ordinance. The council will likely vote on the ordinance at a future meeting.

Council members approved a bid from C&R Construction for concrete work on the Israel property which will be the site of the Bethany Depot move. The bid was for just over $6,300. The work is expected to be started next week.

Bethany’s Council also approved Mychelle Smith to Bethany’s Planning and Zoning Board.