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Bill Filed Legalizing Medical Access to Psychedelic Drugs

Photo by Missouri Senate

State Representative Michael Davis (R-Kansas City) filed House Bill 2429 Wednesday, which would expand Missouri’s Right to Try statute to include Schedule 1 investigational drugs, with a focus on psychedelic drugs including psilocybin, MDMA, and LSD.

In a release Representative Davis said “There is emerging interest and significant clinical research supporting the safety and efficacy of psychedelic drugs for PTSD, traumatic injury therapy, and numerous other conditions. Because the FDA has not taken action to reschedule these drugs and make them generally available, I am working to make these drugs available through Missouri’s investigational drug access statute. Importantly, House Bill 2429 aligns Missouri law with the federal Right to Try law passed by a conservative majority in Congress and signed by President Trump in 2018.”

Hopes are that the bill would give Doctors clinically validated options to address a range of mental health conditions and hopefully stem the tide as suicides increase year over year.


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