Bill Requiring Independent Investigation Into Police Shootings Debated in Jeff City

The Missouri legislature is discussing a bill that requires law enforcement agencies to have independent investigations into officer-involved deaths.

Representative Shamed Dogan, a Republican from St. Louis County, is the sponsor of the bill. Currently, he says Missouri law enforcement agencies are allowed to handle these investigations internally without a neutral third-party investigation.

Michael Bell testified in support of the bill Wednesday. Bell’s son was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a police officer in Wisconsin in 2004. The local police department conducted a 48-hour investigation and determined the officer’s action was justified. Bell says it is necessary for outside agencies to handle these investigations.

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Bell led the movement to pass a Wisconsin law in 2014 that required outside investigators to collect data and evidence for officer-involved deaths. Bell says the law passed in Wisconsin is identical to Dogan’s bill.



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