Blunt Says Vaccine is Near From Various Companies

A COVID-19 vaccine could be approved soon, says Missouri’s senior U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, who has been involved in fast-tracking the process.

Blunt, who oversees federal health and human services funding- says there still needs to be as much as 6 billion dollars allocated by Congress to distribute the drugs.

Blunt says there are 6 or 8 companies who have partnered with the federal government:

Blunt says Congress has failed to set up the distribution funding so far- and we need $6 nationally including possibly some state money.

At least two companies have declined to have their vaccines certified until AFTER the election.

Blunt says after the election- the vaccine process can move forward:

Blunt chairs the Senate budget committee that oversees Health and Human Services funding. He disagrees with Secretary Azar that there is enough money to distribute the vaccines — without moving money around.