Caldwell County Dairy Producer Receives Honor

The Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors has presented individuals with honors in a special ceremony late last week.

Sean Cornelius of Hamilton received the Dairy Leadership Award. He is a third-generation dairyman and milks 120 crossbred cattle on 1,200 acres. He also produces high-quality, home-grown forages for his dairy herd. The herd’s rolling average of 23,580 pounds is maintained. He also owns and operates Best Axis Consulting where he helps dairy producers in all surrounding states with production goals. He has also helped create and develop Missouri Dairy, a commodity organization for dairy producers. He has chaired the Missouri Dairy Industry Alliance and the planning committee for University of Missouri Extension’s Tri-Co Dairy Day. He has served on the Missouri Farm Bureau dairy advisory council and as president of the Caldwell County Farm Bureau organization.