The following is a message from Cameron City Manager Steve Rasmussen:


On Monday, November 9th the City of Cameron published a restatement of the CDC’s guidelines for residents of the City to help restrict spread of the infection.

The spread of the infection has increased significantly in our four-county area in the last several weeks to include both increased hospitalization rates and death rates, now nearing one day a day. As a result, the City has been joined by community leaders and public safety providers in once again asking the public to follow the CDC guidelines.

These guidelines recommend wearing mask in public and to social distance at all times leaving at least six feet between persons. They also recommend avoiding large group gatherings and crowds, and to wash and sanitize hands often. And finally, they recommend staying at home if sick.

This reminder was endorsed by Cameron Regional Medical Center, the Cameron Police Department, the Cameron Fire Department, the Cameron Ambulance District, the Cameron Chamber of Commerce, the Clinton County Health Department, and the Tri-County Health Department.

The CDC Guidelines and this reminder ate made to help protect families, to protect public safety workers, and to protect the community at large. These are recommendations only and all of the above endorsers hope that we will soon see a decline in infection rate. A full copy of the restatement is on the City’s website.

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